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26 Mac 2011

What Is Investments?


There are two definition in finance and business.

1. Finance - purchase any financial product to make future return.

2. Business - purchase any thing to help business. 

but for me investment is anything to get future return. what we see today more people invest mean make more money. 

i am try to calculate the good future return for Bumiputera. 

1. ASB (Not less from 7%) 
2. Fix Deposit (Interest below 4% per yer)
3. Tabung Haji (5%-5.5%)

You must select ASB.

But do you know how to get more than 7%. you can make more profit. let i told you how i want to do about this. First you have RM20,000.00 in ASB. you get 7% per year about RM1,400.00 right.
This my plan. you must buy Sijil ASB and paid RM10 to PNB. after that you must exchange to overdraft. the cost about RM280.00.
Now your cost for 20k is 290.00 after that you take 18k overdraft and store to ASB. that mean you have 38k in ASB but you have 18k overdraft. You pay interest about 5% per year. (RM900.00) and you first year cost is 900+280+10=1,100.00
how much you get from ASB is 7% from 38K = RM2,660.00 for the time being the net you get only 2,660.00-1,100.00=RM1,560.00 more than you get only RM1,400.00.00

from money to money you can produce more in the market. for the second year you get net RM2,660.00

you think about that. in the market additional money for RHB RM900.00

if you have more investment  that you get more future return. 

more you can think like buy gold or silver. 

note:-  now you must have company register to exchange ASB to overdraft.


Bahagian ini hanya RM5 Sebulan
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