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17 Januari 2010

Di Sebalik Sebuah Kisah

Sebuah Kisah

Sebuah kisah atau sebuah cerita. tidak begitu berbeza. Mungkin sama. aku tidak tahu sangat bercerita atau mengisahkan sesuatu. tu pasal lah aku pun buat lah page sebuah kisah.

Kalau aku nak bercerita pasal hidup ku.. ada banyak cerita. tapi tak kan lah nak canang kan semuanya.. nak kongsi semuanya kan. apa lagi sekarang ni zaman bekerja. zaman bergelar suami. tapi paling banyak kisah ialah pasal kerja. banyak benda sebenarnya aku ingin nak bercerita. tapi biar lah. mungkin ada kawan yang tau. mungkin lagi ramai yang tau.

Semalam aku telepon keluarga. ya bila aku lihat dalam berita tv3 terpampang menyatakan lebih 500 orang dipindahkan. so jadi lah cebuah kisah. banjir di kampung ku. well this story bukan apa. tiap tahun dah memamg banjir. tapi tak pernah lagi orang kampung aku dipindahkan. kalu ikutkan tahun sebelumnya ada lagi banjir yang lebih dalam. berbanding banjir semalam.

Mengikut cerita ayahku, ada makcik aku yang dipindahkan. duduk di sekolah. sekolah tempat aku bersekolah dahulu.

sedikit pasal berita kemarin. 

KENINGAU: More than 500 people have been evacuated from their homes following continuous heavy downpour in the past few days while a 55-year-old man is missing after being washed away by strong current while attempting to cross a stream in Kota Marudu.
State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman said the State Natural Disaster Committee which initiated the evacuation would continue to take disaster response measures as the heavy rain was forecast to continue in the next few days.
He said the situation in Kota Marudu is slightly worse than that in Kota Belud and Tongod but elsewhere the situation is under control.
And in Kota Marudu, the evacuation began at 5pm on January 14 until now to five centres namely Dewan Belia Damai, SK Bingkongon, St Theresa Hall, Community Centre and the KPD building.
Sukarti added that efforts to search for the missing man was ongoing and that assistance would be extended to those who have been evacuated.
The MP for Beluran Datuk Ronald Kiandee told New Sabah Times that Paitan is now inaccessible as certain sections of the road from Kota Marudu and Beluran are now flooded.
The Deputy Parliament Speaker added that the 100-odd villagers in Sungai Sungai are stranded as the road leading to their village is under a few feet of water.
He urged the residents to be prepared for impending floods as the weather office in Sandakan had issued a warning that the heavy downpour would persist until Monday in Sandakan, west coast and the interior.
The Beluran district office, he added, is monitoring the situation and would swing into action if the situation worsened.
In Keningau, residents living in low-lying areas and near the river have been told to take precaution in view of the uncertain weather conditions.
District police chief DSP Zahari Mohamed said the continuous heavy downpour could cause floods especially in the flood-prone areas.
As such he said residents living in the villages like Ansip, Membulu, Kuala Punteh and several others along the Pegalan and Sook rivers must be prepared to evacuate in the event they are directed to do so.
“This is a safety measure,” he added.
Zahari also advised those living along the rivers to forbid their children from playing at riverbanks.
“Floods can occur anytime,” he said.
And, he also urged local community leaders to be vigilant and to keep all important documents in a safe place.
The People’s Development Leader (PKR) for Sook, Charles Ikang when contacted said they have directed the JKKK chairmen whose villages are located along the rivers to be on the alert.
“We have surveyed these areas and advised the residents to exercise extra caution,” he said.
According to Charles, the water level in the Pegalan and Sook rivers have risen but yet reached the dangerous level.
In Tenom, the Padas River has also swollen due to continuous heavy rain.
Kemabong PKR Sukimin Rukini said the situation is quite worrying as there are already signs of floods occurring due to the continuous heavy downpour.
Meanwhile, residents living along the coastal areas in Sandakan have also been advised to be on the alert. “They must remain vigilant and evacuate to safe places if the situation warrants,” said acting OCPD Supt Fadzil Mohd Ali.
He also advised them to temporarily bring their elderly family members to live with relatives elsewhere until the weather has improved.
“We are monitoring the situation and the public can contact our 24-hour Hotline at 089-242222 to channel information or report any incident,” he said.
And in Kinabatangan, the water level at the Kinabatangan river has continued to rise and is approaching the dangerous level.
It was also reported that the access to three villages had been cut off due to floods yesterday.
Six families from Kampung Kuamut were moved to a temporary relief centre on Friday after their houses were submerged in floodwater while on Saturday, one family of six in Kampung Sri Manis was evacuated to the district mosque.
In Telupid, over 300 people from five areas have been evacuated to temporary relief centres yesterday.
The affected villages are Bada, Kiabau, Buis, Bouto as well as Telupid town.
Flash floods have also occurred in several low-lying areas in Lahad Datu since Thursday.
Among the affected areas are Pancuran, Sapagaya and along Jalan Segama.


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